Frequently Asked Questions


  • What shipping options do you offer?
    • Most orders are shipped via USPS, though sometimes we will offer UPS or FedEx.  You will receive a list of options at checkout and can decide which is best for your needs. For free 1-3 day shipping on DIY kits, select USPS Priority Mail at checkout.
  • When do orders ship?
    • We are currently shipping orders within 0-1 business day(s) (Monday-Friday).  Our cutoff time is 12:00pm Eastern Time, orders placed after 12pm will generally ship on the next business day. A tracking number will be automatically sent to you when your order ships.
  • Can I change or cancel an order?
    • As long as we have not started processing/shipping it, we will gladly help you modify or cancel an order.  Send us an email at
  • Do you ship to countries other than the US?
    • Not yet, but will be very soon!  We just need to make sure we comply with other nations' laws and regulations.  If you are outside of the US and are interested in trying a kit, we encourage you to email us at or contact us on social media so that we can better accommodate and prioritize which country to add next.  You are welcome to use a US-based forwarding address, but we are not responsible for any foreign shipping costs or tariffs/duties. 
  • Are your products animal tested?
    • DIY Kit Creations has not ordered or performed any animal testing for any of our products or ingredients.  We support the use of safer, in vitro lab testing for any required safety testing.  Certain products, like carmine, are animal derived and are properly labeled on our site. 

    Lip Gloss Kit


    • I'm having trouble getting the piping bag to reach the bottom of the tube, what can I do?
      • If the piping bag is getting stuck while feeding it into the tube, many of our customers suggest lightly lubricating the outside of the bag with a tiny amount of the Versagel.
    • What is the white mica powder for?
      • The white mica is a very fine (matte) pigment powder that you can use alone or to lighten up and soften shades that are too dark.
    • What is Versagel?
      • Versagel is a hydrocarbon gel frequently used in cosmetic blends as an emollient and moisturizer.  It helps the skin retain water and the thick consistency helps hold and suspend fine mica powders. 

    • How do I clean up the Versagel?
      • There are a few ways to clean up Versagel.  Start by wiping excess up with a dry paper towel.  Rubbing alcohol can help break down any excess gel residue. 

        For excessively stubborn cleanups, we recommend first solubilizing (dissolving) the Versagel with a few drops of oil such as coconut, mineral, or castor oil to thin the gel out, then follow up with soap and warm water. 

    • Why do the little plastic stoppers keep falling out when I try to put the cap and wand on?
      • The stoppers are very susceptible to pressure inside of the tube if they are overfilled. This can cause them to pop or slide out (having a pressurized lip gloss tube surely isn't fun).  All you need to do is carefully remove some of the lip gloss from the tube, then completely wipe off the stopper and wand, and try again!
    • Can I use other oils, scents, or flavorings in my blend?
      • Absolutely, as long as they are safe for use on the skin and lips. Just keep in mind that it may take some trial and error.  Generally speaking, the more you add, the greater the chance will be that the consistency will be compromised.  For that reason we recommend working with little amounts at a time.

        Adding certain oils can be tricky because of the molecular weights of the oils. We have found that castor oil works in small amounts.  Jojoba oil also works well, though it can leave behind a slight, natural yellow tint.

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